Post op settling down

Dear All bit embarrassed about my last post, was a tad fraught at the time after couple of unsettling days.

'Pain' has settled today into managaeable size - no further increase in surface area affected and no shooting pains today. Indeed I've introduced ibuprofen once a day as was advised I could.

No more seepage either! So that's good. Drain still in which is also ok.

So in short I hope this reassures anyone out there going thro the same. Peaks and troughs!


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  • Never ever be embarrassed. What you are brave enough to post may be something that someone is quietly worried about and the answers recieved can help so many xxxx glad things are so much better. Keep up your lovely positive outlook. big hugs xxxx

  • Hi Lainey. Have just read your posts wow! You are one aMAZING lady! What a personality πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…. Especially the eyebrows and the NTAF story πŸ˜‚. Thank you xxx

  • Hi Debster2016

    Glad you are feeling better today, don't worry about posting here that's what the forum is for. I think you posted that you had no Pain post operatively? lt's possible you may have had a nerve block to keep you comfortable after the surgery & as it wore off you had all the shooting pains, the nerves have been cut so they go all hay wire, giving you shooting pains, you will get 'odd' sensations, it's all part of the healing process.

    Don't be hard on yourself, this is major surgery, even if we do go home within 24hours! Take it Easy!

    Post any time, there's always someone around. I hope you continue to do well & your pathology results are favourable.

    I'm 16months post surgery (12months Chemo) I do arm exercises every day & often sit with my arm over my head touching my ear on the other side! πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»

    I hope you have as good a Christmas as possible, l can hardly believe how poorly I felt this time last year & now I'm doing so much better, a bit like my old self πŸ’πŸ»

    Take Care πŸ’

  • Hi Mrsnails thank you very much for your message.

    yes I think they must have given me a pain blocker. I asked the anaesthetists pre op for PCA - patient controlled analgesia - as I'd had this after my acl reconstruction surgery to my left knee 15 years ago. It was morphine on a drip and I controlled the drip! Tho of course the dosage was itself controlled. But anaesthetist Dr Ian White said it shouldn't be necessary as mx surgery is not as complicated which is fair enough. However as this was yet another example (there are many! 😳😊) of my high level of anxiety (even tho I truly believe I am calm 90% of the time) maybe i wasn't advised of the pain blocker so as to avoid giving me anything more to worry about!

    I can't sit still and do my exercises every day and manage a very (frustratingly?) short walk every day so thank you for the arm stretch. I am incredibly lucky in that my husband is here with me and I think he likes the pint of beer half way thro our walks!

    It's lovely to still hear from ladies who are further along the timescale. It really compounds the positivity. It is going to be a good Christmas πŸŽ„!! Thank you very much


  • Never be embarrassed. Glad you're feeling better. Xxxx

  • Why be embarrassed? You are going through something you have never experienced before ... We all need reassurance .. I was lucky to have had a friend who had been through this herself .. She pre-warned me of the tingling ..etc so I knew what to expect ... You keep asking questions !! Never sit and worry ... Keep your chin up ... Keep positive ... Love & hugs πŸ’–

  • Thank you Mandy. All comments received and absorbed Xx 😌❣️.

    And I wish you and your friend well! Xx

  • Thanks so much ladies your support is a great comfort. It really does help! ❀️️

  • Hi Debs, like the other girls say, there is no such thing as embarrassing in this forum. Venting is good. So is having a moan about something. Keep up the positives. Have as good a Christmas as you can. ❀️

  • Thank you very much Jac. Merry Christmas to you too πŸŽ„Xx

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