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Hot Flushes

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I am sure i am not alone in suffering the dreaded hot flushes and performing the Hokey Cokey at night one foot in, one foot out and shake it all about to cool your feet down. I am on tamoxifen (although stopped at present as having reconstruction in 14 days time) I have been on venlafaxin but it did not do any good so I am reverting to natural remedies.

I have researched alpaca duvets and have just received my pillow, mattress topper and duvet. I will keep everyone updated as to the quality of my sleep tonight.

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Oh please do.... I am the same. I am on Anastrazole ... that business of having to Hokey Cokey to cool down is disturbing sleep awfully 😁😁

I know how you feel,I'm in Cyprus, and I've got the fan on at night,and my husband hides under the duvet to warm, good luck with the reconstruction, hope all goes well.xx


I'm due to start Tamoxifen in 2 weeks time. I have had various treatments which have worked for some time but this is my next course of treatment. I have seen many reports on this site about Tamoxifen, the main one seems to be hot flushes. I am really not looking forward to having them back so any suggestions would be appreciated. I remember various people saying it was best to take them at night.

Jackie_gooch I hope your sleep improves with your new duvet etc. x

Yes please do update us on how the new bedding goes. While I experience hot flushes I also can feel really cold at times in the same night. My feet go like ice blocks, I shiver and my teeth chatter. It's a bit like having the flu. Bizarre!!

Well went to bed last night and slept right through to 05.00. Which is a miracle. Went back to sleep and woke husband up with My snoring! I did get hot in bed but not the burning hot. My feet were perfect and stayed under cover all night. Early days but looking promising. Husband also at right temperature all night.

Wait for a few days and I will let you all know if it continues as it is a big layout. Still haven't confessed how much to hubby.

Hi, I was on tamoxifen 5 months and had terrible hot flushes day and night. I was changed to letrozole as they thought I was post menopausal which it turned out I was not. I restarted tamoxifen after 6 weeks and 2 Months later have minimal side effects, no hot flushes this time πŸ˜€

Please do keep us updated. I have terrible hot flushes waking up to 6 times a night. I will try anything.

Have you tried the "Lady Care"magnet? I have found it doesn't get rid of the hot flushes, but they are more bearable.


I am about to decide whether to go through with the anti-oestrogen drugs. What exactly are the hot flushes caused by and what 'natural' remedy are you using? I am lucky to have the lowest grade, so I wish you all the best with the reconstruction surgery.

The hot flushes are caused by basically being put into the menopause ( I believe) So periods have stopped and all the symptoms of menopause such as dry vagina, weight gain apply when on tamoxifen. I got alot of information from breast cancer care and went on their Moving Forward Course. They offered amazing advice and support.

You cannot replace oestrogen with natural supplements with out checking with your oncologist. So I had no choice but to go on Tamoxifen.

The alpaca duvet is proving a success and sleep has improved.

Thank you for your wishes regarding surgery. It has just been postponed today due to bed pressures till 9th December so bit unhappy.

Good luck with your decision.

Okay been using alpaca duvet for a couple of weeks. Have told hubby how much it cost and he doesn't care (much), he did pause for a second to digest it! His words were it is nice to cuddle you in the night without you feeling like a radiator. So result girls x

On a negative side my reconstruction had been cancelled again till 9th December so will definitely be laid up for Christmas πŸŽ„

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