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Hello ! I am new, I apologise if this is JUST for people with or surviving cancer, feel free to tell me to bog off!

Genetic screening tells me I am at moderate increased risk of developing breast cancer. I have been screened before and usually have appointment straight after, always okay! This time I was called in for my yearly mammogram and advised I would hear in a couple of weeks. Today I had a text appointment reminder of an upcoming appointment with the breast surgery team = yikes!!! No letter received yet, so called to check and yes have been called in to follow up following my mammogram 6th July.

My QUESTION is: Is it normal to be called back in?

I have also been advised to take Tamoxifen - still researching that.

Many thanks and be well, feel well thoughts to all

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  • Don't want to worry you, I had my first mammogram on Sept 3 2013, then.had a letter asking me to go.back.for further investigations, had biopsies done, then.sent to breast surgeon who.confirmed I had cancer no family history etc. I.had lumpectomues less than a month after the mammogram. Whatever they say at your appt I wish you well

  • Thank you so much for sharing, I hope that you are well at this time!

    I do have a very worrying feeling but trying to be calm about it all.

  • Yes I am well thanks, lumpectomies in October. No.chemo, 3 weeks radiotherapy Jan 14, discharged from oncology 3 March 2014, exactly 6 months after first mammogram, subsequently clear mammograms 2014 and 2015

  • Welcome to our community...anyone affected by breast cancer is welcome at any stage so you're in the right place for love and support. I was diagnosed in 2014 but had all of my diagnostics done in one day but this seems to vary by area. It wasn't until after treatment I found out that I'm I'm now planning to have preventative surgery later this year. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you're healthy and sending a bucket of

  • Thank you, wish you well and hope the journey ahead is kind to you. X

  • Hi. I had amammogram end January and was called back after a week. Ultrasound scan biopsies. Diagnosis Ca breast treatment was quick in relation to time but the waiting it out was difficult. Had lumpectomy with clear margins. Radiotherapy followed and finished in May. Now just waiting it out again for next appt. chest X-ray and scan.

    My journey has been up and down but not as rocky as others.

    You are in contact with many wonderful women.

    I wish you well. Marilyn

  • Thank you, sending you positive vibes and hopeful wishes for the next phase of your journey.

  • Sometimes they just need to investigate further if mammogram isn't clear, so not necessarily sinister, but you may want to take someone with you to your appointment just in case you get a lot of information all at once.

  • Thank you, yes was thinking of taking my husband.

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