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My inspiration

When I was diagnosed last July aged 34 with grade 3 breast cancer one of the first people I turned to was my auntie who had breast cancer in 1983, the fact that she was still here at 68, never had a recurrence or any other problems has kept my focus. Considering how treatments have developed since then too, at that time she only had a lumpectomy and 25 rounds of radiotherapy, no tablets to treat her afterwards either, the incredible thing was she had only been working as a nurse on an oncology ward 3 months when she found a lump, she insisted on staying on that ward and worked most of her treatment. Just wanted to let you all share in my inspiration and realise there is normal life after BC xx

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What type of breast cancer did she have? I'm triple negative :-(


I did ask her and she said its all tested and reported so differently now, she was stage 2 and that's all she recalls. Chemo wasn't given as standard like it is these days either and as years past and it became the norm to give it to just about everyone, she said she panicked and approached her colleague and oncologist at the time and asked whether it was to her detriment not to have had it, she said that feeling stayed with her for years. Over 30 years on she says it is hardly ever on her mind now. She retired 8 years ago and is amazed how much progress has been made in that time.

Stay strong minded x


That's a great story. I have an Aunt who had both bowel and breast cancer in her late 40's and early 50's. She is now going into her 90th year!!! Part of her colon removed and a radical mastectomy and that was it! An amazing woman and like your Aunt she worked well into her 70's! Ironically I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my late 40's and had a mastectomy too but mine included chemotherapy which I didn't react too very well. On a positive note I'm nearly 3yrs down the road and I feel great :-) . It helps to hear positive stories....


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