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Breast lump

I have found a small lump in my left breast, it aches in that area to. I have been experiencing some achiness before but put it down to my cleaning work that I do. I booked doctor app and it's not for another 3 weeks. I know it's a busy / bad time to get to see a doctor. Is it alright to wait that long though? I think it's normal now. I asked for my regular GP as I like her. I was told to ring again and keep checking in case of a cancellation. I am worried about it though. I am not telling anyone. I have you guy's though I am glad of that.

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Although it is a difficult time of year for doctors/hospital appointments, you really should insist in seeing a doctor urgently. Are you not willing to see another doctor, maybe sooner? The sooner you see a doctor the sooner you can be referred if necessary. I hope that the lump is found not to be anything too nasty. Enjoy your xmas


Thank you. I keep checking it it definitely is there. I shall ask for a emergency appointment on Tuesday morning. I shall let you know what they say.


I'll keep my fingers crossed it is nothing serious


Good luck with getting a quicker appt through cancellation honey and very best wishes for your Christmas Day xx


Hi Ameliapond, I got an appointment the same day as I phoned the surgery after telling them why I wanted to see a doctor. The doctor made a referral to our local NHS hospital and they phoned the next day with an appointment for 29 December (2015) My GP said NHS guarantee to give you an appointment within 14 days. I would not wait three weeks to see a GP perhaps if you tell them why you want an appointment they might find you an earlier even if it is with another GP. My breast does not ache at all and I only found the lump by chance. Good luck.


You have to put pressure on your surgery to be seen much earlier on. I don't think that lumps which are cancerous produce pain so it might not be anything to do with cancer. Have you started your menopause?


I was diagnosed with lobular invasive carcinoma in Jan 2015 and the lump in my left breast was indeed painful .

How did you get on ?


Hi Valerie thank you for asking. I was at the hospital only yesterday! All is good thank goodness.

I have a lumpy breast, I had mamagram and ultrasound. The achiness down to my age ( 57 )

It is hard to know about these things, I was certain that it was bad, anyway I can put it behind me now. How are you now? It is a horrible experience, I hope you had /have good care. my best wishes to you.

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Hi Amelia that's great news ! Onwards and upwards !

I'm doing really well too thank god xx


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