Breast Cancer Haven

Hello ladies, let's get this online support community started!?

Since communities get started with a little bit of sharing and disclosure.... I can start by sharing how breast cancer touched (or touches) my life.

My mom had breast cancer in her mid 30s and my grandmother died of cancer before I was even born. My mom survived the mastectomy, treatment and even the metastasis a few years later! But other women in my family have suffered since.

My older sister was recently referred to do her first mammography - I can't pretend that did not scare me. Now my mom is asking me to go get tested, and I am only 27! Sometimes I wonder if the women in my family should just do like Angelina Jolie and get a double mastectomy before anything...

Any of you breast cancer survivors and mothers can relate?

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Go for the mammogram, your imagination is often worse than reality.. If you go it will take away your worry.. Xxx


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