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CT scan

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Not me, a member of my family has been diagnosed with breast cancer for a 2nd time. Not sure what type. All I know it the lump is a centimetre, has come from a duct. She has been offered a lumpectomy with radiotherapy or 2nd mastectomy with medication for five years.

I’m worried now though as she has been asked to go for a ct scan to check ‘everything is in proportion.’ And I can’t help worrying for her they are concerned cancer my be elsewhere :(. Is it standard procedure or do people think there are concerns? She isn’t unduly worried but I am for her...is it all in my head?

Many thanks for advice

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Certainly I had a CT scan. I think it’s standard.Just to put things in proportion for you, my lump was nine cm (satsuma sized). And it wasn’t discovered by feeling a lump, there was nothing to feel it was so deep. I had a mastectomy, radiotherapy and am now six years into medication. And I am well and happy.

She is lucky to have a friend like you looking out for her. I was lucky that my husband, family, friends and wider church membership were all rooting for me. In these Covid times it must be much harder for her.

Best of luck to her!

Thankyou for your swift reply. This is an abdominal one? So don’t know if that will check the breast as well or whether they are looking for something else. I’m so glad that you are happy and well that makes me feel better it also helps that it’s probably procedure. I am such a worrier about everything. :( but I like to do my research and know what’s out there if that makes sense?

If you really really really want to dig deep - and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a medical or pharmacology background - you can look at NICE website where the pathways they recommend are enumerated. But you could go down a lot of rabbit holes and be no wiser! This applies to any medical matter not just BC. Personally I’ve used it for tinnitus, hypertension and vertigo as well as BC.

Thankyou :) no I know I guess it is procedure.

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ks1966 in reply to Happyrosie

Hello. Did you have any lymph nodes affected? Thanks

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Supergirl87 in reply to ks1966

Hi it isn’t me. As far as I know, no lymph nodes? None this time or last time...

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Happyrosie in reply to ks1966

My lymph nodes were clear

That’s great news. As far as I know there are none in the lymph nodes this time..that’s a good sign?

When a mastectomy is done, they also remove some nodes and these are tested for cancer. In my case there was nothing there which means there’s a 99% chance that nothing escaped from the breast, in other words the cancer didn’t spread.

That’s fantastic :)

I have breast cancer for 2nd time and had to have a CT Scan to check that it hadn't spread elsewhere, unfortunately for me it has spread to spine but without CT Scan I wouldn't have known. I'm now being treated for cancer in spine. My CT Scan was on Thorax,abdomen and pelvis. Good luck to your friend and hope everything goes well

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Supergirl87 in reply to Mousemum

Sorry to hear that Mousemum. This is a worry for me, as I feel that’s why they are doing a CT scan as they are concerned it’s spread :( but they haven’t specifically said so! I don’t know if that’s why or whether it’s routine? Just wanted the general information really? Is it routine? Hope the treatment is going well for you. Keeping everything crossed you recover soon x

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Mousemum in reply to Supergirl87

I neglected to say that they said is was routine because I had had cancer before and the y would be able to remap my treatment. Unfortunately I won't be able to get rid if my cancer ,they can just keep it stable and try to stop it spreading further. I get on with life as much as I can and do what I can when I can. Hope your friend gets goods news xx

Hi,If I was in her position I would want a CT scan as a precaution to make sure there wasn’t anything going on elsewhere. The scan wil be able to check the abdominal and pelvic organs.

Hope all will be ok.

Recurrence is something I worry about every day.

I am 2 years from diagnosis xx

Definitely, I get that. I have always been concerned about reoccurrence for her. This time it’s a different breast cancer. I just wanted to know if ct scan was routine? Or whether it’s something that they are doing because they are concerned about spread :(

Its normal to go for a CT scan if you got breast cancer you'll have to get CT scan every 12 weeks , so dont worry thats normal with breast cancer...

Thankyou for this. She gets her results along with moving forward Thursday coming. Much appreciated

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