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Good morning newly diagnosed Breast Cancer Stage3 I was told it was caught early but because lymph nodes were affected I was Stafe 3. I had a lympectomy and lymph nodes removed. Sucessful now started Chemo once every two weeks 4 rounds. Radiation after chemo. Anyone else with a similar story just want to know what to expect.

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hello Blessedup. Good thing it was caught quickly, so only lumpectomy .

I expect you’ve been told that chemotherapy is hard going. It sure is! But you’ve only got four cycles so after the first two - well you’re halfway through.

you’ll probably start losing your hair on day 12 of your second cycle. Assuming your chemo is the same type as mine was . Check this with your breast cancer nurse. Ask the chemo nurse what to expect, if you haven’t already been told. organise your wig or turban in plenty of time.

Have someone close you can talk to. Get them to check your appointment times are correctly in your diary - you could get brain fog - and ask someone to drive you to and from your chemo appointment.

The radiotherapy is a walk in the park compared to chemo.

All this sounds frightening. Don’t despair, it isn’t too bad really. Go in with confidence and you will,come out the other side with confidence.

Mine was eight years ago, and I’m fit and healthy. I wish you well

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