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Need your opinion, thought, and experience!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Myungji Hong.

I'm an MBA student at UCLA Anderson, and I'm doing my master's thesis on oncology to provide better treatments and tests to cancer patients.

In order to deeply understand patients' decision-making journey on choosing the treatments, I am doing a 15~20 minutes interview (zoom or phone). I really need your experience and insight❤️

Your time and opinion would be really appreciated.

Please leave a comment or DM me if you are interested!

I will set up a time with you :)

4 Replies
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hello, I’m delighted you are doing this research. Because I have difficulty with phone (or Zoom) I am happy to correspond with you by text outside this forum if you have questions. You can message me, if you wish, on here.

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UCLAstudent in reply to Happyrosie

Thank you! I just sent you a chat.

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Hi I just underwent a mastectomy for my 6th primary cancer. Things have changed a lot in 21 years, abut could clearly benefit from your study. you can reach me at or through messaging here. I am not good with zoom but am more than willing to speak on the phone and give zoom a try! Please make your study clear in the subject line so I don't think it is spam and delete it.

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anrean Thanks for your interest! I just sent you an email.

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