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Is this a symptom

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About a month ago I discovered a painful lump/spot in my armpit, I’ve kept my eye on it and it went away however I noticed the pass day or so when I lift my arm up theirs a weird pain. I do have asymmetric breast and have checked them for any unusual differences. Could this be cancer?

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Hi there,

Most lumps bumps etc....are perfectly innocent but I always advise people to get checked out when noticing anything different from their norm, even just for the peace of mind it's worth it.

Cancerous lumps don't all tick certain boxes, what one person has experienced as a symptom will be different to the next person so the only way of getting an explanation as to what you're experiencing is seeing your GP.

Best wishes, Caroline

Well worth while seeing your GP

Hi GemGem95: Of course, every case is different, however, I noticed what felt like a bump under my left arm and thought it was a cyst, as I have cystic breasts. Within about six months, I felt the bump turn into a large lump, and tried moving up my gyne appointment. I wasn't able to move my appointment any sooner. By the time I saw my gynecologist, she was so alarmed she got me into a CAT scan appointment the next day. I had cancer deep in left breast that had not shown up on the mammogram. I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, because the lump under my arm was a swollen lymph node with cancer cells. My oncologist started me on chemo immediately, because cancer was travelling to lymph nodes in my neck and headed next for the brain. I don't mean to scare you. But please don't wait too long to get your case checked out.

Good Morning ....this time last year i had 3 lumps under each arm pit ....and they were sore ....I was in a state as I thought the cancer had came back ....I called the breast cancer nurse and my doctor ...and was reassured had a virus and my lymph nodes were working over time ...and sure enough after couple of weeks they went .....always check with a doctor just to set your mond straight .....take care ...Jane xxx

Don't know that it could be cancer, but I strongly suggest talking to your oncologist - it could be lymph node(s) that need attention. Bette to be safe than sorry!!

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