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FEC chemo journey

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While the FEC continues several new side effects have cropped up and I wondered how others coped effectively with them ? I did the cold cap again and it was a struggle but hair loss is only moderate at present . Recent side effects are ; very dry mouth , bitter metallic taste ; sore throat with swollen glands / difficulty swallowing / dizziness esp when on steroids for first 5/6 days, fatigue on and off;

Insomnia which is very challenging / sometimes only 3/4/5 hours st most / pains in rt leg, aching knee area. I seem to be coping reasonably well mentally , and usually feel upbeat , doing creative writing , reading , seeing friends and family regularly , preparing for Xmas and great joy meeting my newest baby granddaughter yesterday, so these positives are really significant . The nights however are very long and I find it hard to clear my active mind of the negative thoughts which I’m sure others will know well. On the bright side though so many lovely things brighten each day ; visits and interesting conversations ; following the latest news; family and friends ; and close ties with my four children and now 10 grandchildren .with a beautiful new baby girl born yesterday whom I met and fell in love with .

Posting this at tail end of another minimal sleep night . Thinking of you all going through your own journeys and wish you all the best Health and happiness xx Denise

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Congratulations on your new granddaughter, sending good luck wishes for the rest of your chemo journey xxx