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Hi my name is vannessa I had tension headache before but that was because of my axiety would mess with me really bad ..now my ears are blocked it been 3months dealing with this and my headaches feel worse I feel all this pressure building up in my head I need help 😭

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Hi am sorry to hear u having real bad headache, have your doctor given u

Any medication for the tension headache

And u said your ears are blocked have u been to a ENT to see if u have vertigo?

I have problems with my ears since a kid

And they wanted to put tubes in my ears and I keep ear infection my left ear stay blocked with wax and my ears always

Popping and am going to see a ENT this

Thursday to get my hearing checked because of my left ear being blocked due to wax I hope u get the answers u looking for soon I know how frustrated it is

Because my anxiety causes me all kind of

Crazy symptoms daily and I have to do a lot of self talk to keep myself calm down but I do remember a time when I couldn’t calm myself down and was having

panic attacks daily am praying for u and if u believe in a higher power greater than yourself than I hope u have faith that things will improve in due time I know u probably hate to hear to wait but is true

U can always look up Dr Alan Mendall he’s

My favorite Dr on You-Tube he have exercise for vertigo dizziness tension headache migraines u name it anxiety panic attacks sleep he’s a great guy and he’s

loves to help people he have help me so many times and don’t even know 😂 I hope u get so release and am sending u a lot of hugs 🤗 and love to u dear my youngest son just turned 18 a month ago and he would

break my heat to see him in pain keep me updated on your progress I really care and hope u feel better soon am about to pray for u am here if u need me

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For my headaches back then yeah I took medication and axiety pills but that was only for my tension headache, and yes I went to the hospital because I don't have my own doctor yet til next month and they told me I have fluid behind my middle ear and it been causing me so much pain like headaches/nausea/itchy nose /dizziness mostly and I been depressed because the antibiotics won't even help me so I'm going to a ear doctor tomorrow and hopefully he take the fluid out because I can't live like this 😢thankyou so much for caring I don't get that alot everyone just thinks it all in my head especially family 😢

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Oh am sorry is not all in your head u know how you’re feeling. Am praying for u and hope u get the results you’re looking for

Let me know how it goes. Hope u feel better very soon and good luck 🍀


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