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TERRIBLE Brain fog

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I've been detached from reality (brain fog) for quite a long time now (2 years) and I feel a bit desperate. I changed my diet (gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, egg-free; GUT health), I am taking supplements (Rhodiola, L-Theanin, Quercetin, Una de gato, Omega-3 and many more), I tried to clarify with my psychotheraphist whether the problem is mental but it obviously is not as I would probably have times that I would feel better. So I think it has to be organic. I also did some tests. I had many food intolerances which indicates that I could have a leaky gut. But I changed my diet two months ago and I still don't see any major changes. I also quit smoking. The only thing now that I am still working on is my sleep schedule (go to bed at 23.00, now I go at 1.00 or 2.00) .

The fog is there all the time and it is constantly the same. It just gets a bit better over time but it is still terrible. Any advices?

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Sorry to hear what u r dealing with. Did yours start from a head injury? I get brain fog alittle..but not sure if its from my 3 head injuries or stroke or Im just plain nuts lol.

Hope things get better for you :)

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It started with really really bad mental issues along with all the things they left behind.

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Hope u find some relief :)

Excellent info on this ailment can be found at prohealth.com. Look for article by Dr Pellegrino called Managing Cognitive Dsyfunction of Fibro.

Wow what a wide ranging comment! I would suggest Vitamin D + Calcium and a daily seaweed supplement as a start. 5-HTP and L-Theanine may be helpful perhaps I'm not sure I would say there are needfully effective. Omega 3 is a wierd one there is a debate seems that one omega might be harmful another may not be (6 I think!). Green tea might be good but not in extract form. erm - avoid marge and poly fats. Hawthorne and goji and especially Schisandra and other (I forget the word something like poly diversly bioeffective foods or drugs) things should help. Ashwagandha is another example (haldi can be ok).


You may find it helpful to watch your water and maybe filter it or use spring or carbonated water. I found to be honest that I got a 30 day supply of GI Secure and it was REALLY ** effective. It was a sample looks like it is out now. I would link it look for Probiotic GI you should find it is available (finally!).

Other things that should help - make sure you sleep well and have a good bed - back straight sort of thing stretches and keeping a clear head (don't like to define that really it's just about relaxati).

Foods like cheese (?) chicken and cacao can lift a mood though be careful you don't want to assume you need these regularly?

Take care best wishes any questions let us know.

B12ginko bil boas change sleep pattern sleep by 9pm drink lots of water exercise half hour a day stay social check ifneedantibiotics to clear gut bacteria

Hi. Can I ask if you've had your thyroid checked with your GP?

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