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Medical abortion via post

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After having a consultation for abortion pills via the post are you able to take the tablets at your own discrepancy eg choose which day to begin abortion after receiving tablets whilst still following the appropriate days apart from treatment? Likewise, if you have received abortion pills via post after receiving the tablets can you still change your mind on the abortion despite having received the parcel?

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If you have the consultation you can talk through all this with the advisor, they can talk you through your options. You would need to take the pills in a certain time frame as they are given for to to 10 weeks of pregnancy.

If you decided not to take them at all you do not need to take them, it's entirely your choice. If you decided to continue the pregnancy then you'd need to contact your GP surgery and ask how to be referred to a midwife for antenatel care.

Yes of course you can. It’s your decision if you want to have the medical abortion or not, I went through the same thing last week and they told me not to take the tablets if I had any doubt about the abortion as once you take the tablet there is no going back. Just make sure you make the right decision for yourself. You can take the tablets if you are under 9 weeks pregnant, just make sure you don’t go over the 9 weeks.

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