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I’m so conflicted

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I’ve found out that I am pregnant yesterday and I’m so confused as to whether to keep it or not. I love with my boyfriend of 5 years in a 2 bed house. However I also have a 10 month old baby and only went back to work in February, I’ve always said I could never have an abortion because I mentally don’t think I would be able to go through with it. My partner was with me when I took the test and our first reaction was oh god 😑. He doesn’t like the idea of abortion either but said that it would be best if we did have one as our house isn’t that big and we currently have the spare room as our office as we both work from home and we have only been in this house since October so looking for a new place isn’t an option at the moment. Another thing is we feel guilty for our son as he is still very young will having another baby mean we will have less time for him?? I was hoping to be married by the time I have my second one, I’m only 24 so I know I’m young enough to try again in a couple of years but I keep thinking what if I don’t fall pregnant easy in the future or what if the abortion affects my chances?? On top of that I’m stressing that if i do keep it what will everybody say and how do I tell me work 🙃🙃. I would love to keep it but practically I’m not sure how we’d cope with finances and having 2 so young. But then if I do get an abortion I worry how I’ll be mentally like would I be able to get over it. I’m just so conflicted and keep crying I was up all night

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Both me and my husband work from home from the kitchen table and have a small house. I fell pregnant when my first born was 9 months. Yes I'm sure it will be a challenge having 2 under 2. Although I choose to think of it it will be nice to have them close in age growing up together. I wouldn't worry too much about what people will say or telling work. When I went back to work had to tell them was pregnant again which would have came as a shock as had IVF for first pregnancy. Only you can decide on your own situation.

In my personal opinion when things seem to be going bed things have a way of sorting g themselves out and yes I know that this is probably not what you wanted as an answer, so me and my perter found out I was pregnant I lived in a 2 bed house with 2 flat mates plus me and my partner there was absolutely NO room for a baby and sometimes not even us.... but I spoke with people at work, friends, family and well anyone I could about my situation because I am the same I didn't want to have an abortion but I knew I couldn't have it where I was then one of my friends (whom I did NOT know was a lanlord) offered me a place to live that suited my needs and I understand that this I not a typical situation however I really do belive in faith taking a hold and things working out do what your gut tells you ❤❤

I had an abortion 10 years ago and I plunged into depression after the abortion. It was one of the most painful thing I went throug. If you are already worried that you cannot cope emotionally, I'd suggest that you don't rush into any decision but explore all available options before you decide. Don't make any decision when you are conflicted or confused. :)

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