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Am I pregnant?


Hi, I was late for my period by about 9 days. In that time I decided to take 2 pregnancy tests which both came back with a very faint line (meaning pregnant), then this morning my period came? Then I called my doctors and they told me to take another peganncy test and this one came back negative. I'm confused on what to think and what to do? Please help

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It's possible that you've had a chemical pregnancy, it's where your pregnancy ends very early and then you have a bleed like a period. Or it could be implantation bleeding if it's only very light and you might still be pregnant.

If you've taken tests on the same day then it could just be that you don't have enough hormone in your urine as the day goes on as you have more in the morning for your first wee of the day so a test on the morning can be positive and in the afternoon negative.

If you test again in a week, using your first wee of the day it'll give you the most accurate result. If it's still positive then I would contact your surgery and ask to be referred to your midwife for a booking in appointment.

If it comes back negative that it means it probably was a chemical pregnancy.

Best of luck x

Sophie_12 in reply to Seb9

Hi, thank you so much for your help! I'm going to wait a week and then do another test and see what happens from there. Thanks again x

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