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Ive recently found out im pregnant and due to circumstances i cannot continue with the pregnancy, i was just wondering if you are below 10 weeks is it complusory to have the Pill and to do it at home. As i feel like that would be too traumatic for myself to witness it and to go threw the pain. I already have a baby that i would have to care for durinf the time of it happening.

I was just needing some advice to see if i have to have the pill or would i be able to go into clinic to have it done?

Thanks guys,

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I would speak to them and explain your concerns they maybe able to get you into clinic and use the vacuum thing so you wouldn’t have to see anything. Hope this helps

Yes it does thankyou🙂 as im still breastfeeding i wouldnt be able to take the pain relief they would give me. So would be in heaps of paint too, im Just abit scared if i have to do it at home if im honest...thanks again,

I completely understand I had to have one at home in September. I’m always here if you need to chat hun

Do you mind if i ask how long it lasted for? Sorry if thats a intrusive question,

Ask anything you want hun honestly, to be honest it was over quite quickly but I’m still bleeding not sure if that’s anything to do the contraception implant I had fitted on the same day. You get cramping like before you go into labour and soon after everything passes through and then you have a bleed

Did you receive them in the post? Im just wanting to get it over and done with tbh, hurts to even think about it all

No because of my health conditions I had to go to clinic and have a assessment but most people are able to have them in the post if that’s what they want. I completely understand what you mean

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Hi just wanted to say don't rush your decision, if it hurts to think about and you're rushing to get it over with, maybe take some time to think. I know it feels like the click is ticking but you wouldn't want any regrets, decide if it what you really want or if circumstances are pushing you to choose. All the best

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