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Can you feel pregnant within the first 24hours? If so what’re the earliest symptoms??

All day I’ve been so drained,tired,thirsty,weak,light headed and got a headache 🙂

I’ve not taken a test yet

But It was the last last day of my period yesterday got a little bit of blood and I hadn’t taken my pill since Monday! I’ve woken up this morning dele very crappy and have no blood in sight!

Girls,ladies please let me know if this has happened to you xx

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If you’ve just come off your period it’s highly unlikely you’re pregnant.

You won’t ovulate for another 1-2 weeks now your period has ended and this is when you’ll have the opportunity to get pregnant.


I was coming off my period a few days ago and it was basically ended by yesterday and still had a tiny bit of bleeding but it wasn’t enough for it to be a period,I’ve woke up this morning and felt so crappy,I’ve felt very sick,weak and faint all day!


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