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So I just turned 18 back in September. Found out that my boyfriend of a year has cheated on me the whole time we were together (we have talked it out, and he's a recovering drug addict so things are complicated with that but that's not my concern right now) before I would've been ecstatic to be pregnant but I really need support from people who know how I'm feeling. I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and I've already thought about abortion but it's something I can't even fathom now because of how much I loved my boyfriend and I worry he won't be able to have any more children due to his drug abuse (dead sperm) but Im so scared that my life is over and I'm never going to be happy or normal. I guess it's cause I'm so young, and I do understand that I'm the one who laid down and had sex but I'm,just so scared I'm not going to be happy. I know this was all over the place but I just need some advice and no judgment because I don't know what to do.

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I fell pregnant at 18 and I felt the same way as you now I have a lovely 11 year old an couldn't be happier with her even tho her dad left because he wanted drugs and drink more then her I'm sure you will be happy and when you go to baby groups you would make loads off friends no matter how shy you are

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Hi I fell pregnant at 16 had my baby girl at 17 her dad ended up taking party drugs and passed away when she was 2 I struggled with a baby at this age it was hard my emotions were all over the place with my partner and my baby I do t regret having her but wish I'd waited until I was financially stable and in a stable relationship I went on to have more kids after my daughter in fact I have seven altogether I'm married now and happy and have a really good job so it is possible but you have your babys needs to consider and yourself , I'm currently in hospital having a termination with my 8th baby as I know I couldn't cope with anymore I'm in a loving relationship and financially stable it's my health no one will judge you either way hun let us know how you get on xxx

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