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Implantation bleeding or early period? How can i tell

My ovulation was 13 days ago and I was feeling pregnant with all symptoms, cramps , lower back pain , nausea, headache, tired, smell sensitive , but last night, i had painful cramps with bleeding like a light period but the color is brown and light red or pinky and its not heavy , it doesn’t fill my pad i just wipe with paper and find the light red blood . I’m afraid I’m not pregnant. .

Is it possible it’s an implantation bleeding ?

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The description seems like there's a good possibility of it being the IB and a heads-up for pregnancy. It was dry like, brown and very less in volume typical IB would be just like that. Well, TBH you can never tell for sure if it's really a pregnancy symptoms or PMS. Likewise, you cannot say decide if it's IB or approaching AF unless the BFP confirms it. How do you check ovulation? The App or date keeping won't track any physiological changes which are in turn responsible for ovulation delays and further push the cycle making it even more confusing to know if you're pregnant or it's just delayed AF. I think taking a test is the best way to put end to all the guess work. If it were IB you ought to get a visible BFP even if it's not at its peak blazing red you'll be able to spot it. Stay optimistic and hope for the best... good luck.


Thank you so much ,

I did a blood test right after the bleeding stopped and unfortunately it came with a negative result . Even though i’m still having all the symptoms, lower back pain, nausea, morning and night sickness and most of time i feel sick all day time , cramps . I don’t know what’s happening really .


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