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I need advice...

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I'm scared. Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex but the condom split so the next morning I went and got the morning after pill however it doesn't have seemed to work. I took a test last Friday and two tests today and all 3 came back positive. I'm only 16 and if my parents find out they will kill me. I need an abortion but i'm so embarrassed to ring up the clinic and i'm scored they'll tell my parents. Can someone help me with what i should say to the people at the clinic?

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Hiya ok I think the first thing you need to do is see your doctor and they will go through your options. The doctor cannot tell anyone so don't be scared in case they contact your parents.

First thing go see your doctor and ask for infomation they will give you a number to ring To Set Up Consultation And Decied What Method Is Best For You

Your Doctors Cant Tell Your Parents About It For Confidental Reasons

I recently had a surgical abortion i was 12 weeks gone so i had no option but to have the surgical abortion.

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