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Will finally be a father!

Hello everyone. The past two months have been super hard for me. I had to make the big decision of agreeing to let my wife go through IVF, and I had to make the money for that!

This is what happened: Money was tight. We had decided that we will go through it no matter what. We were looking for a clinic here in Spain but we couldn't find one that we could afford. So we decided to turn to the internet to seek advice. Then I remembered a post here. On this very forum, about the clinic biotexcom. I came to check it and saw that I could afford it. I am really happy that I found that post. That's why I felt like I owed this place a update... A post on what's happening. Let me know you all if you'd like to hear more about my wife and my shenanigans! Wish you all luck!

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I'm very interested in getting more info about this clinic. What are the chances of having your own child? My friend returned from this clinic with her daughter. She is so happy! She told me about all the positive things. On her advice I also want to try a surrogacy there. My husband and I can't get pregnant within long time. She told me a lot of good things. I understand that she has found a long-awaited child and her emotions are hitting the edge. But I would like to learn more about this place from others. I'm glad that I had this opportunity. I know, what is good for one person, another person may not like. How many people, so many thoughts. Tell me more about what didn't you like about it. Were there any shortcomings? I will be grateful for any additional information.


Thank you for this post.

I would like to hear more about the process, as myself and partner are going to have to go down that road.

We have just been told that IVF is are next option. We have chosen a clinic here in the U.K.

Now we are just waiting to find out when we can start the process and hope are dreams will come true.

Please feel free to direct message


Wishing you the best of luck xx


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