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Implantation bleeding

Hi. I need help to determine if I'm having implantation bleeding or my period. So i took a pregnancy test yesterday and got a faint positive that got a little darker throughout the day. I had intercourse that night then this morning started having alight bleeding. I went out to day and have felt like i was going to faint anytime and have had crazy pain in my abdomen and felt nauseous. The bleeding is still light. Also it is about time for af to show up. Can someone help me figure out if it's implantation bleeding or just a period. Thanks so much

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If you've already had a positive then it's not likely to be implantation bleeding as the egg would've already implanted in your womb in order for a positive to show up.

I'm not 100% sure why you're bleeding but it could just be your body's way of preparing itself for the pregnancy. But I'd say your best bet is to get yourself to your doctor to get checked out. Seeing as you have that positive result you need to go to your doctor anyway so that they can start arranging your antenatal care.

With a pregnancy test a positive is a positive, no matter how faint the line. If you want double confirmation then ask your doctor to do a pregnancy to confirm or deny.

Good luck :)

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Thanks so much


Hi There,

Having a positive pregnancy test is not usually a false result so it does indeed sound like you are pregnant. It may be worth repeating in a couple of days, using the first wee of the day to be sure. If the pain and bleeding continues or becomes unmanageable do seek medical help as it's best to be checked out. Good luck.

Best Wishes


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