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Expired implanon, am I pregnant?

My implanon has been expired since February of this year. In the last 2 years my periods had stopped completely on it which I heard can be common but even though it has expired they still have not returned. I had unprotected sex early this month but my partner withdrew long before ejaculating. I took the Ella one pill approx. 30 hours after intercourse as I know I am not protected with an expired implanon. I have been experiencing nausea and heavy abdominal cramps since taking the emergency contraceptive and have lost my appetite. I am still panicking about being pregnant. I'm unsure about when to take a pregnancy test as my periods have not yet returned at all so I have no way of judging. Any advice would be appreciated,


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Hello there,

In my opinion I'd say it's rather doubtful that you're pregnant. What ypu could be experiencing is a hormone imbalance. Your body's hormones have basically been repressed with the implant and now it's trying to return to normal. It'll take a while for your hormones to return to normal during which time it'll be much tougher to conceive.

You've taken all the necessary precautions anyway so it's highly doubtful even if your body has returned back to normal.

But your body is probably just trying to compensate for the lack of hormone release over the amount of time the implant has been in. So you'll be a bit out of balance for a few months. You may be able to read up more about it on the NHS website.

Hope this helps! :)

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Hi I had the implant in for 6 years came off it in October as we trying for a baby in Nov I had my first period and was regular and lasting 2-3 days my previous 2 has been lasting a day I've been told it could be down to my hormone levels


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