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First scan at 12 weeks

Hi there. I had my first scan today at 12 weeks and 5 days. Me and my husband have seen the baby and anatomically it is all fine, but due to some gas accumulated in my abdomen, the Obstetrician couldn't tell me more than that. She was supposed to do the Combined tests for the Syndromes, tell me the due date and measure the baby, but again because of the bloating gas and the baby being really 'tricky' she couldn't do any of these. I even did an internal vaginal one , but still not helpful. She recommended to have another scan in 4 weeks and do the tests then. When I got home, went to the toilet and then wiped, I've noticed some sort of soft little white-brownish crumbs on the paper. Do you think is this normal after the internal vaginal scan? All in one I have mixed feelings...happy I have seen my little baby, but worried the tests have not been made...

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Hi there, I don't know anything about internal scans but I think if they were prodding around in there there's bound to be something showing when you wipe. I know it's a few days ago now, but I would try not to worry! you saw your little baby and all was well! How unlucky to have that gas/bloating problem, I really feel for you as I know how exciting and also nerve wrecking those scans can be, especially if you were wanting all the measurements taken to put your mind at rest. Congratulations on your baby! I hope the next scan reassures you and that you get a darn good look at the illusive little thing! All the best x


Hi There,

I would contact your midwife and ask her to help you get booked for your combined test, or help push to get it arranged. The discharge you describe sounds nothing to worry about as it was not bleeding and you don't mention any pain. Vaginal scans are very safe (they wouldn't have carried this type out if they were worried). Hormonal changes during pregnancy can effect your discharge, but if it was smelly, or you had pain or a high temp, then again contact a midwife or medical professional for help. Try and be re-assured everything is ok, and look to your midwife for support.

Best Wishes



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