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Hello so for the last 2 weeks I've been feeling sick every day all the time, got uper and lower abdominal pains all the time a light headache back pain my hips hurting and sometimes stabing pains in my breasts along with sensitive nipples if I touch them I get stabbing pains in my stomach and hips I've been to the doctor but he said that what symptoms I've explained don't seem to be signs of being pregnant I've taken a test and it shows up with a very faint like grey purple faint second line but you have to look closely to see it, I have anxiety and it's really starting to play on my mind I've got an appointment this Thursday for blood to be taken but it's waiting around for the results if I'm not pregnant then what could it be, please help, thanks

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Hi There,

I know it's hard to wait, but it's much better to let your doctor work this out. Why don't you ask to do a urine test with them on Thursday as well, so you can both see the results. Sometimes anxiety can give physical symptoms as well, so let the healthcare professionals look after you, in order for you to get the best, and most accurate information.

Best Wishes


emmasroxy in reply to Bpas_1968

Okay thanks for your help

you need to let the doctors do all the checks they need to do so they can find out what is going on. dont worry too much because it could be nothing just keep an eye out for different symptoms and if you get worse demand to the doctors to help you more

Okay thanks

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