Is it possible that I'm pregnant?

So over the past couple days I've been craving stuff I don't actually like (specifically chocolate milk) and I've had cramps. My period is due in a couple of days and I get spotting a few days early which hasn't happened this time. My breasts have been tender and I have a milky discharge that's come out of nowhere. I felt nauseous a couple of times over the past week as well. Unsure if I'm having an unnecessary panic or what but the first signs I've been reading about include some of these. I've needed to wee a lot as well. Had unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend two weeks ago but I don't know if it would show up on a test yet? I also had my implant out in very early November after having it for around 2 and a half years because it didn't agree with my body anymore. Any advice is welcome and sorry for the essay!


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