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Ttc 9 months and had a miscarriage on NYE :(

Hello ladies

So for 9 months since April to be exact me and my SO have been TTC I went too my obgyn and he suggested I got on clomid so on cycle day 5-9 I took clomid on cycle day 22 I ovulated and on cycle day 36 I got my bfp a week later I started having very light brown and pink discharge a few days after that I started spotting dark brown old blood that happened for 1 day the next day I woke up too horrible pains that felt like Braxton hicks I fell back asleep thinking I was okay then got woken by horrible bleeding I went to the restroom and felt a ton of pressure I looked and there was a huge clot of blood with white tissue I went to the ER and found out that my worst nightmare happened:(

I'm am beyond sad mad and stressed I just can't understand why this had to happen to me and my child !!? Well it's been a couple days and I just want to know what you mamas did to cope somebody recommended I named the baby I just need some ideas for coping and mourning and also I'd like to know when it's okay to start trying again


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It's hard I had a miscarriage at easter last year but as callous as this may sound miscarriages that early on are usually caused by a something wrong that makes it not viable. I know people say not to stress and it seems impossible not to but It might not take you long to catch pregnant again I did right away. I found the best thing was to just go with the flow and stop making so much effort to fall pregnant as stress can have an effect on it.


Hi There,

So sorry to hear you are having such a sad time. We are UK based, but I'd like to suggest a great support network we have here. There is some good information about coping and when to start again. . You may well have a similar support where you are, but take a look. I hope life improves for you, take care.

Best Wishes



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