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Feeling very confused

Hi there.

So I've had a very strange week. Basically on Tuesday I started feeling bloated and I haven't stopped feeling that way since. I'm eating everything in sight and even feel like I'm eating for 2. Every day my breasts get more and more tender. I feel nauseated but haven't been sick yet. I've cried for no reason and my poor boyfriend has gotten the backlash of my temper tantrums. My period was due 3 days ago. I tested on the day my period was due but it came up negative. So I've decided to wait another week. However, today I've started bleeding but it's nothing like my period usually is. The blood is the same in colour and texture as my period blood but there is so little of it. It sort of comes and goes as opposed to my regular periods. Can anyone offer any advice? My body is just confusing me so very much.

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Could be implantation bleeding wait a few more days and test again

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