Advice please

About a week ago I took a pregnancy test as I was having symptoms it came back negative. 3 days ago I had a very light period an it's now stopped, I'm getting most symptoms still an for the past 5 days I've either being sick (only night time) or feeling sick constantly but obviously with the negative pregnancy test didn't think nothing of it.....any advice please ?

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  • I had what I though a light period but actually it was implantation. When I did a pregnancy test- my second red line was hardly visible. Then I bought another test which said pregnant 2+ weeks :)

    Good luck in figuring this out!

    It could be pregnancy but it also could be something else! Before I got pregnant I had few times I thought I am pregnant, but I was not... maybe try another test?

  • Thank you I've re-tested an it's a positive 😊

  • Congratulations with your pregnancy!

    Hope you don't suffer too much of side effects of this pregnancy!x

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