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infantilism of the uterus

Hello everybody!

I have a rare problem – infantilism of the uterus or children’s womb. I knew about it since I had my first gynecological examination. For those who doesn’t know what the thing this is, it’s sort of underdevelopment of uterine mainly it’s related to its size. I don’t know why but my gp told me it’s ok to have a baby with that size of mine so I didn’t worry a lot. But when I was reading about this problem I realized it’s very serious and can cause problems during pregnancy. But I also read that women with such abnormality have underdeveloped sexual function, that seems to me quite strange cause I didn’t think I had sexual problems, but of course I have nothing to compare with.

We started treatment, hormones and physical therapy, but it didn’t give any significant result. After my first m/c I was depressed and it became clear for me I won’t ever be able to carry a baby. Moreover if I get pregnant, there is a chance my DD will have this thing too. After that miscarriage my dr allowed me to move for surrogacy. The question is that I don’t know anything about it. What to choose, what to expect, how it’s gonna be. I live in India but I’m not a citizen and it’s now forbidden for those like me to use SM services here. Please, help me to find a place where I can have a baby for sure!

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