Am I ovulating?

I just went to the toilet and was surprised that when I wiped I had a clear jelly like discharge and quite a significant amount too! I've heard that this can be a good sign of ovulation?! I've just come off of the pill so I'm hoping that my body is finally getting back to normal! If not ovulation, I've been experiencing pregnancy like symptoms (tiredness, tender breasts, frequently going to the toilet, nauscious) but now I'm wondering if it's just my cycle kicking in. I did take a test earlier this week but it came back negative!

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  • Hi There,

    After missing 2 pills there is a risk of pregnancy, the contraceptive cover wears off very quickly. A pregnancy can occur before a 1st period is missed, so that may not be a good indicator for you. Now a pregnancy test would only be accurate 3 weeks after last sex, so it sounds like you tested too early. Wait and re-test again if you continue to feel pregnant. This is a link to the indicators of fertility Good Luck.

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