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sore breasts and abdominal pain for two weeks

I'm on the combined pill and have not missed any pills during this cycle, and had a regular breakthrough bleed nearly three weeks ago, but I had had really sore breasts along with abdominal pain on the right side for around two weeks now. I haven't been feeling very sick or peeing frequently or having cravings so I'm not sure I could be pregnant but I am still worried due to these symptoms. I'm not sure if I should see the GP or wait until I am due to have a breakthrough bleed. any advice would be welcome as I am really worried at this point

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Hi There,

As you are so concerned and worried why don't you go along to your local contraceptive clinic and talk through dates, pills and your breakthrough bleeding with them. Then if they are concerned they can do a pregnancy test with you, and manage the results from there. Worry itself can cause all sorts of symptoms and it's usually much easier to get appointments with them. Hope it goes ok.

Best Wishes



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