Hello everyone, so today I am 10 weeks pregnant. I have noticed the past week or two that I am getting breathless quite a lot. At first I thought it was maybe the cold weather however I get it even walking up the stairs at times and even walking, I've read other forums and people have mentioned that it's completely normal as it is due to the increased blood flow and circulation needed by the baby...is this true? I'm worrying myself sick and I'm always in and out of the doctors and don't want to go back again, my 12 week scan is in 2 weeks so I will mention it to the midwife's then, can someone please put my mind at rest?:(

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  • I am not really sure why you are feeling so breathless but certainly check with your midwife. I did have periods of breathlessness too and found out my iron levels were very low. Maybe this is something you can get checked. Hope you are feeling better soon x

  • I also found myself breathless at that time. I think it's normal because baby is still not living off your placenta for another couple of weeks and will therefore drain your body from energy.

  • Okay thank you so much!

  • Hi There,

    It is always best to check things out with your GP or midwife, especially as you may need your iron levels checking. And as the breathlessness is also affecting your daily activities you would be best to see a healthcare professional and be checked over.

    Best Wishes


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