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Just looking for some reassurance advice really...

I am taking gedarel 30/150 combined pill. It says in the information packet that a missed pill is one that is taken over 12 hours late and I'm usually really good at taking them at the same time...however this packet I took the first pill of the pack approximately 9 hours late. I went to the chemist and they said it should be fine as it doesn't count as a missed pill. I was then about 11 and a half hours late taking the 8th pill of the pack - again not technically a missed pill and the pack says even if I miss one in the second week of the pack I don't need extra precautions....I am just worried because of the 2 pills quite close to being 'missed'. I have been having unprotected sex between the two missed pills. It's Sunday so no advice lines seem to be open!

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  • Hi there

    As long as you took the pills and didn't miss them completely then you should be okay.

    If you are worried it might be an idea to take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the unprotected sex.

    Best wishes


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