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My birth partner has shingles :(

Hi everyone, as the title suggests, I have just found out that my husband & birth partner has shingles. I am 40 weeks pregnant & so could be due anytime now. The hospital have said that he can't be at the birth but advised to keep calling as over time he will be less contagious. Has anyone had any experience of this? If so, what did you do? We are both devastated & want him to be at the birth. Is there any way he can be there if he covers up the very small patch of spots (he has a mild case). Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

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once his spots have crusted he's not contagious, also depending where they are, if covered by a dressing and clothing the risk is very low as you need direct contact to get chicken pox from shingles...


Thank you for getting back to me, embiemomma. I have been advised to call the hospital again to let them know how he's doing. The rash has started to scab over so I think he is over the contagious phase now! Thank goodness!


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