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Late/irregular periods

I'm really worried as my periods have always been regular, but two months ago it came 6 days late and was brown and thick (like old blood?). Last month it was lighter than usual but there on time so thought nothing of it, until this month when it has come at all (seven days and counting). I've had mild cramps but no blood, might I be pregnant? I'm only 19 and at uni, my boyfriend and I always use condoms, but I'm freaking out

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Hi there

I am sorry that you are worried. If you period is 7 days late then a pregnancy test would be accurate so I would suggest taking one. You could go to a young persons sexual walk in clinic and take it with a nurse there or alternatively take it at home with you boyfriend. If the test comes back negative but you still don't get your period it might be worth booking an appointment with you GP or visiting a sexual health clinic so they can run some tests.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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