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Weird symptoms after miscarriaged - am I ill?

Sorry, I didn't know where else to post!

I lost my twins last week, I had the surgical procedure to get them removed. I lost a litre of blood, & when I woke up from my op I was no longer bleeding, AT ALL.

However, as soon as the procedure was done, my bladder became more sensitive than it was when I was pregnant? I also had cramping discomfort when urinating.

Almost a week later from the operation and I have some slight period like bleeding which is red, so I'm guessing it's new. I look vile, my face is like a grey colour with eye bags, I feel quite weak and like I have low energy.

Could this be an infection or a serious problem from the surgical procedure?? Please help, I'm worried of my health

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I personally don't no if that's normal or not, but if you are worried go to the doctor, I hope your ok


Hi there

Sorry to hear your sad news. You should either make an urgent GP appointment or go via A + E to get your iron levels checked as you may be anaemic after the bleeding, this can make you feel very ill, and really worth checking out.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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