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Hello. I am honestly just confused. Me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant. My last cycle started on 19th August. I had very light spotting early September which lasted a day. I've still not had a full cycle but pregnancy tests all show negative. I'm tender in the breast, I've had a little white discharge, I've been feeling small sharp pains in my stomach. I'm just confused. I've had 3 failed previous pregnancies and I just don't know what's going on with my body and I hate this feeling. Can anybody offer any advise? Thanks

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  • Hi, I can relate to this. I had my last period on 18th August and I am very regular, every 28 days. So I missed my period on 14th of September and had so much pain on my legs and sharp pains in my tummy, I was overtired, had insomnia (things never had before). No tender breasts but everything else looked like I was pregnant, as I have never been before so never had those symptoms. All the pregnancy tests I was taking every 3-4 days came negative so I visited my GP for a blood test...and it also came negative. Now, my period came last Friday like nothing happened, with over 2 weeks delay. I cannot still understand why my period stopped and had those symptoms. I hate this feeling too and it is taking longer than I had expected to get pregnant, really annoying. Hope you get to know what is happening in your body soon.

  • Thank you for replying. I'm also very regular 28 days. Whenever I've been late it's because I was pregnant. I don't feel stressed cause some people say that stops your periods. I just can't explain what's going on and I've never in my adult life not known what's going on with my body. I hope my period starts soon so we can known when I'm ovulating. With all these negative tests I can only believe I'm not pregnant. I feel the same as you it is taking longer than expected but I don't know if that is because I am 36 😕 We would love our own family and we like a lot of people just want a child. Good luck to you, I have all fingers and toes crossed for you (I literally did just cross my fingers and toes) 😊

  • My best advice would be to stop thinking about it. Many women find they fall.pregnant quicker when they stop trying to time things as wven.if you dont feel it that can stress you out and puts press on yourself.

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