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Poss preg symptoms

Hi, its been 2 weeks since my last period and the past week I have been getting pms cramps in my tummy and also when I have eaten something. the worst is going off my food, sometimes I struggle to eat anything and sometimes I can eat loads, the only reason I think I may be pregnant is because I couldnt finish a icecream sundae the other day and I love my sweet stuff, ive never not finished my pudding, itis very unusual for. My tummy tells me im hungry but I physiclaly dont want to eat anything. Just want to know if this is a good sign of pregnancy?


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if your period was only 2 weeks ago it is very unlikely, firstly you don't ovulate until roughly 14 days after a period, and even if you ovulated really quick after your period the fetus would only of implanted within the past few days so you would not have any symptoms at that point


Sounds like a stomach bug too early for pregnancy symptoms but get checked out


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