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Pregnancy test advice; 3 positive, 1 negative

Hey everyone, was looking for a bit of advice.

My fiance is about 4/5 days late for her period. She's been experiencing cramps for the last few days. Short 30 second bursts of pain in place of her period, in her own words. So today she went and took a pregnancy test today; 4 to be exact. The first 3 she took all came back positive, but with a faint blue line. We looked it up and found it that meant she was in the very early stages.

Later on at night, we took the 4th test, which was a slightly better quality brand than the previous 3 tests. This last test came back as a negative. As you can imagine, this has left us very confused. Has anyone else ever had this sort of issue before? And what was the outcome?

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when you take one at night your hcg levels are usually at there lowest as your pee is more diluted as the day goes on as you drink etc that's why they tell you to test first thing in the morning as the pee is the strongest :)


its always best to take the test using the first urine of the day, at the day goes on the HCG becomes harder to detect especially in the early weeks of pregnancy, get another test and do it first thing in the morning, with 3 positives though I would say she is pregnant, congratulations

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