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am i overreacting?

me and my boyfriend have been having safe sex for our entire relationship but i've noticed today that my boobs seem to be bigger and swollen than they normally are as they're small but i have no pain with them or redness at all

I'm not late for my period at all and am due on in about 2 weeks and have no other pregnancy symptoms, also having just moved into university within the last two days i don't know whether i am over reacting in thinking i'm pregnant? as we are both stressing out about me taking a test

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I seriously doubt your pregnant, after all if your due in two weeks your last period was recent in which case if you were pregnant the egg would not long of been fertilized due to ovulation that normally occurs 14 days after a period and if you have been having safe sex not missed a period and your only problem is your boobs are bigger I don't no why you would assume pregnancy as the cause


thank you so much i was worrying because i've read that swollen breasts can mean pregnancy


Hi there

Is sounds like you are ok but rather worried. A pregnancy test is only accurate 3 weeks after last sex, or if your next period is late, lighter, shorter or doesn’t come at all it may be worth doing a pregnancy test to put your mind at ease. If you are only using condoms, then maybe for peace of mind you might want to start some hormonal contraception yourself, so you are doubly protected.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Hi hun I've heard also that some people's breasts get larger when they're on the pill because of changes in hormones xx


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