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I'm 18, me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for a while and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant, I am also on the pill and I had my period 2 weeks ago but it was not like normal it was just spotting for 2 days, I am going to take a test next week but just wanted advise because i've got no-body close I can trust at the minute, my boyfriend doesn't want kids and made it very clear at the start of our one and half year relationship hence why I am on the pill, I don't know what to do?

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If you are concerned and want someone to talk to, I would recommend going to your local CASH clinic or Brook. The nurses there are really helpful and supportive, and everything is confidential. They can provide pregnancy tests and emergency contraception if you need it.

When you say "unprotected sex" do you mean unprotected as in you were using the pill and did not use condoms, or you forgot to use both the pill and condoms?

Definitely take a test as soon as you can - don't wait another week! If you suspect you have already missed a period then the pregnancy test will be able to detect the hormones and give you an accurate result.


thank you, yes I was on the pill I meant no condom, iv done a test this morning thanks to my cousin and its come back invalid which worries me more so got an appointment at doctors on Wednesday.


Invalid just means it wasn't carried out correctly I.e too much urine on the stick. Do another maybe different brand they are very accurate really. Good luck


hi i am Anita, i have problem that generally i get periods on time on 2nd or 3rd of a month,but this month i have not get yet, am i pregnant boz in life first time i have share bad on 23rd of last month,but i am sure we had not have proper sex bocz my boyfriend couldn't inject his penis proper but we have fingering.He tried to inject but i am virgin so he couldn't do.I remember there were no sperm bcoz we didn't see any liquid from his penis.Is there any chances to get pregnant.I am still virgin because at that time i didn't had bleeding. But i am tensed what should i do to check weather i am pregnant or not,because my periods are not on time in this month.....what to do?


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