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Bleeding 9 days before period

My period isn't for another 6 days

15th of August had brown and light pink discharge in my pants and in as I wiped for about 30 minutes

16th of August 10pm started to have light red blood as I bleed and wiped and one dark clot

16th 11pm went to the toilet and after I peed I wiped and was little bit light red with and brown on the tissue and having little bit of cramping I have been feeling nauseous and dizzy and server headaches it started to get heavy abit today

I have taken 3 pregnancy test and they have been negative I have never experienced this before

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Hi there

I would wait and if your period is late then take another test. If it is still negative it might be worth book an appointment with your GP so they can run some tests.

Best wishes



Are you on the pill? Ive struggled for 4 years having a period every two weeks whilst on the pill and it's now been suggested I try an iud. The hormone treatment such as pill and injection are just not for me.

Definitely go to your GP for a checkup


It could be implantation bleeding. 6 days early is quite soon for a positive test result, maybe wait a few days and retest.


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