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Am I pregnant??

Hi all! Been having a read through some forums and has got my brain in overdrive. I had my last period on 13 June exactly (wrote the date down) and still haven't had my period. Since about Feb/March I have been having irregular periods. They were always like a a few days late then last month June it was over a week or more late, hence why I wrote down the date. As I was starting to think I was miscalculating the dates.

Anyway, I have took 3 tests and all say negative...well except I have noticed barely there lines in the other Windows. They are really faint and I think I may even be imagining I see it lol. People are saying a line is a line and that it's a positive. I hate the not knowing, I want a straight yes/no. From the calculator it said I would be about 6 weeks just now and given this would be my 4th pregnancy I am worried as I don't really feel any signs as such in which I've always felt nauseous previously and been really sick.

I only have one daughter just now is almost 5 so it would be the perfect time for another. The other 2 pregnancies unfortunately didn't go past 8 weeks (miscarriage). So I am extremely anxious and I almost don't want to face going to doctor incase I am faced with bad news. Would I always definitely bleed if I had miscarried really early? Help please I don't want to tell any friends/family as can't face the heartache of dealing with other people if I am not pregnant or even if I am I don't want to get partners hopes up until I know for sure xxxx

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Hi there

I am sorry to hear you have been so worried about your later period. I completely understand that seeing a doctor would make you anxious. However I do think if your periods have been irregular for a while and you're getting negative pregnancy tests when you haven't got your period it would be a good idea to see your GP so they can run some tests just to make sure everything is okay? That way at least you will know what is going on.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Thanks for your reply. There's a really really faint like on the tests though, doesn't seem to be getting darker. I will try post some pics to see if anyone else can notice lines. X


Perhaps try a digital test? I've read a few reviews lately and they seem to be really simple / obvious. They're a bit more expensive but it might put your mind at rest? xx

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Hi there, if you are getting even feint lines on the test then it means your pregnant. for your piece of mind I would get a digital test as that will tell you in writing, pregnant or not pregnant. you can even get the one that tells you how far along you are too.


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