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Am i a pregnant?

Hi. Im 7 days delay and i had a protected sex with my boyfriend. I dont know if im pregnant. Im not yet taking a pregnancy test because im convince that im just delay becuase i previously sick i took a medicine that are high dosage, im new in work and stress. I dont know im being paranoid because i know that im not ready to have baby. But im still delay. I still waiting for my period this on my second week.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Sugar,

I understand that you are nervous, but I think the best thing to do would be to take a pregnancy test as your period is late, you should take a pregnancy test. You can get tests for free from your GP or local contraceptive and sexual health clinic, you can find your nearest one here: . You can also buy them from pharmacies, supermarkets and even pound shops. There is more information about taking a test from the NHS website:

If this test is negative but your period hasn't arrived after 4 days, you should retest. If this is negative but your period is still late it might be best if you went to speak to you GP or /local contraceptive or sexual health clinic as they can go over your dates with you and check if there is anything else which might be affecting your cycle, such as your medication and stress.

If the test is positive, you can speak to your GP or local sexual health clinic about your options, and if you are pregnant but you feel you cannot continue with the pregnancy, they can refer you for treatment if that's what you choose. So please don't panic - you have options, and there is support available, whatever path you choose.

I hope this helps. Take care and best wishes,


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