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Can anyone help me work out how many weeks I am?


I wondered if anyone could help. I am 34 and have severe endometriosis. My husband and I were thrilled to discover last month that we have conceived naturally, despite the odds. However, there is something that is worrying me a lot. I am basically trying to figure out how far gone I am and I wondered if there was anyone here who knew more about this who could help me out. My reason for wanting to know so badly is explained in more detail below. Here is all the information I have:

Firstly, my periods are pretty irregular. These are my cycles for this year:

November- 28 days

December - 31 days

Jan - 30 days

Feb - 33 days

March - 26 days

April - 26 days

The first day of my last period was 27th April. We tried for a baby on 8th/9th/10th/12th/13th May. I got my EWCM on the 12th May, this is also the same day that I finally got my smiley face on the fertility stick. So I am assuming this is the day we nailed it smile On 25th May, I had a small amount of blood in the morning. I understand this was my implantation bleeding. Then the very next day, on the 26th May, I did a pregnancy test which was a BFP (showing 1-2 weeks).

Because of my endo, I am at risk of ectopic pregnancy, so my gynaecologist suggested an early scan to rule it out. So I went for the scan on 10th June, by which time I should have been around 6 weeks. Luckily the scan showed it had settled in my uterus, however my gyno did seem a little surprised by how small it was. He said it looked like it was only about 4-5 weeks in size (about 2mm), and at 6 weeks he would expect it to be more like 5mm. He said that perhaps I wasn’t as far gone as I thought, maybe only 5 weeks, however he did agree that given my LMP and the date that we probably conceived, I should really be about 6 weeks.

I am booked to go back again in one week to have another look, and he said he wasn’t overly concerned, but he knows I am a worrier so even if he was concerned he probably wouldn’t show it :/ I just can’t help but feel really scared now, that maybe it’s not growing properly or has stopped growing completely. Obviously all will be revealed in a week but that’s a long time when you are this afraid.

So, what I wanted to know was the following:

1. Could the fact that my periods are irregular (sometimes by a week in difference), mean that I am unable to correctly calculate how far gone I am?2. Has anyone experienced anything like this before, and did it all turn out OK?

Any help would be so so so much appreciated smile

All the best,

Stephanie x

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Try not to worry too much! Period timings only give an indication of when conception happened but it's definitely not exact! In my last pregnancy I was nearly two weeks more pregnant than what my period indicated. At 12 weeks they will be able to give you a more accurate due date xxx


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