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Past chlamydia, now TTC. Depression and fear. Success stories?

I contracted Chlamydia from an ex about a decade ago. I had it for a duration of 9 months max, 3 months minimum. I had bad UTI symptoms, treated by antibiotics which got rid of those symptoms, but had a sexual health check anyway which led to being treated for chlamydia with azithromycin. No PID mentioned, I was examined and didn't experience any discomfort.

Now my current partner and I are ready to start a family and i'm paranoid I'm infertile. I recognise I have a risk factor, but how much of a risk of infertility do I have? Do many women who have had chlamydia for 9 months have babies naturally, or is it hopeless? A lot of media emphasises infertility as a consequence undestandably to encourage testing- but I'm afraid it's making me incredibly depressed. I'm crying daily and feeling worthless, even had some suicidal thoughts. I couldn't live with ruining my partners chances of being father.

From what I can see on pregnancy forums lots of women with same fears as me.

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Hi there

It does sound like you had the correct treatment at the time, and if there had of been a concern about PID, they would have treated any symptoms you had with a longer course of antibiotics. I would suggest going along to your local sexual health clinic to talk through your concerns, and they will be able to allay your fears as they are the experts.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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