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3-4 weeks pregnant through IVF 😊

Hi, I'm just looking for advice please.

I had 2 embryos transferred , and I'm now 3-4 weeks pregnant . ( this is my first pregnancy)

Please can someone tell me what symptoms they had , I'm extremely tired, plus I have been having a stitch like pain on and off in my left side . It tends to play up when I walk about, it's fine if I lay/ sit down.

Got my first scan on 27th June , hopeing I will here my 2 embryos heartbeats . I know it's still early days .

Thanks in advance for any replies. ☺️

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Pains are normal just implantin and your uterus stretching. Spotting is normal if you experience that obviously sickness but I haven't had much myself and I'm 7 weeks with my 3rd now but couldn't keep anything down with my first. Needing to wee a lot is a good sign sometimes headaches. Being tired is normal supposedly to do win a hormone that is released it makes you drowsy. Sometimes some women don't experience any or some experience them all every pregnancy is different! Hope all goes well for you and good luck :) xx

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But also keep an eye if any pain stays on one side I don't know about IVF but sometimes pain on one side can indicate ectopic pregnancy but you don't show signs that till around 6 weeks the doctors told me. Also maybe get checked for a UTI of the pain doesn't ease


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