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Natural ways to induce labour - Is it safe?

Hi all. I am 37++ weeks pregnant with my second baby. For my first baby I had a caesarean section, and for this pregnancy I would like to try vaginal birth. I have been given until 40 weeks and 6 days to go into labour, otherwise the doctor will have to induce my labour - which will increase risk of uterine rupture. So, if I start trying to induce labour naturally now or soon (like increase physical activity, have sex, eating spicy food etc) - is it going to be dangerous too?

If it's okay for me, please share which natural way to induce labour that really work! Please please!

Thanks a million!

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Hi there

You really should talk to your midwife, as you may not get appropriate advice by people sharing things they’ve tried. Your midwife is the expert so please be led by them.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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